Hello fellow vendors!


Thank you so much for taking an interest in my business. I know we are stronger together. I truly enjoy digging deep, thinking outside of the box, and even utilizing tried and true marketing endeavors as we work to help each other grow our businesses.


A couple of examples:


Pure Romance by Tonya Williams - She and I are often endorsing each other on Social Media, doing quick videos and posting them. I have given Tonya some gift cards to give to her clients, she has sent some lingerie pieces for me to use in the studio.


Lipsense by Amber's Amazing Lips - She has a small display at my makeup station with a sample of each color and stock on hand. I use the samples on clients for their photoshoots. She gets sales. I take 0% of her earnings. We also endorse each other through social media.


A local metal therapy business - Thriveworks - I have signage and handouts in my bathroom, a private location for clients to grab helpful information. They refer clients to me.


Let's grab a coffee and chat about what that could look like for us.


Call - 248-747-7236 or Email - catherine@catherinekelliestudios.com


I look forward to chatting with you really soon!