Welcome to our Studio!

If you have already purchased or are simply considering our Groupon deal - this page is full of information for you.


To book your session:


The Groupon is designed to allow clients an opportunity to have a taste of what a boudoir session is. These sessions are held on Wednesday only - at either 9am or 2pm

Give us a call at your earliest convenience to book your photoshoot. We currently only book photo shoots over the phone, it is the fastest and easiest way to answer your questions and get the information we need in order for you to be scheduled.


We do ask to keep a card on file in case of a last minute cancellation or missed session.


If you are booking a photoshoot with a friend, they will need to call in separately to give us their information and put down their own deposit.


Any cancellation or reschedule on or within 2 weeks before your scheduled appointment time will result in a $50 fee for Groupon or Living Social clients. Please keep your photo shoot as a first priority in your schedule and be committed to the experience!-If you need to reschedule before the above-mentioned time frame, feel free to give us a call and we will find a better time for your schedule. Your deposit will follow you in this instance and no penalty is added. (If you do not show and do not call, there is a $100 charge.)



(Any questions we receive, we will post them here.)


Can I add Professional Hair Styling and/or Makeup Application?

Yes! You sure can. You will need to add it on during the time of booking in order for us to schedule enough time for your session. You can add it in later, if there is time in the schedule and based on the availability of the stylists.


We highly recommend having your hair professionally styled, whether you do it here with us or elsewhere, but it is not mandatory.


Cost - $75 for either Hair Styling or Makeup Application

             $125 for both Hair and Makeup

             $165 for the stylist to stay through your shoot (this is great to do touchups and a possible second look)


Where will the session take place?

Your session will take place in our beautiful, Utica studio, located at 45169 Vandyke Ave, Utica, MI 48317


Can you come to my house?

While we do travel, the Groupon does not cover those sessions.


I work and can't come during the Groupon times. What can I do?

Many of my clients typically take a full or half day off. Remember, even if you are doing this for someone else, this is still a day about you! Have some fun and enjoy!


Ugh, but I really can't take a weekday off! Please.

OK, I will schedule a Groupon on a Friday or Saturday if there is an opening AND it is less then 10 days out. 

As well as a $50 studio upgrade fee. The $50 fee is required upon booking. 


Can I add on additional images or order something else? How much are your prices?

Yes, we do have print, album and digital packages available for you to order at your viewing/ordering session, if you like. Our packages start at $1199, ala carte starts at $190. On average, most clients spend $1400-2000 on their final images. (some spend less, some spend more)

This is way more then I was expecting to pay, but I know you are the best out there and I get what I pay for. Is there something you can do to help me out?

Yes! I have a referral program you will learn more about after your shoot that can help you save hundreds! Also, a layaway program that can help break up your payments into manageable bits allowing you to get what you want without having to come up with all the money up front. 

Do you edit my photos? Is it extra to have them edited?

All of the images in your gallery will go through an editing process. Most of my clients see very little that they want edited after viewing their images. If I miss a blemish, a mark on the wall, or you want a little bit more smoothing - no there is no charge. Some major edits like, removing braces/sunburns/tatoos; or other major edits may incur a charge. Although, it's rare. We can chat about it if you are concerned.


Will your watermark be on my printed photos or digitals?

NO! I want the showcase of your image to be YOU! (But, please do share who took the photo, I would sure appreciate that!)


When do I get to see and order my photos?

You will have the option to view your images the same day OR return 1-2 weeks after your session, you will return to view all my favs from your shoot and place your order at that time.

Same day edits are very lightly touched, future edits will be fully retouched before viewing.


When will I get my photos back?

After you place your order, it will take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for your product to come in. It just depends on what you order. Everything is handmade and custom created. Albums take the longest to create. Digital and prints take less time.


To view the deal, go here: https://www.groupon.com/deals/catherine-kellie-studios